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Acqua Plumbing Solutions is Wollongong's most versatile and affordable plumbing service. With a highly experienced team, qualified in a number of trades, we have your needs covered. We service residential, commercial and industrial clients from Helensburgh to Nowra.

Read more about our many services below, or simply give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs.


General Plumbing


Whether it's leaking taps or toilets, a burst pipe, or you've just noticed an odour from your sink, leave it up to the professionals at Acqua Plumbing Solutions. With the most competitive prices in Wollongong on offer and prompt, on-site service, you've got every reason to call us for any plumbing work.

We happily take on a number of general plumbing jobs, such as:
  • Repairing burst water pipes
  • Tightening loose tap fittings
  • Replacing flexi hoses
  • Repairing leaking toilets
  • Unblocking toilets
  • Improving water flow through taps & showerheads
  • Repairing flushing mechanisms
  • And much more!
As qualified roofers, we can also complete any number of roof plumbing tasks, including installing, repairing and maintaining guttering and downpipes as well as fixing roof leaks.



Blocked drains are no match for the dedicated drainage experts at Acqua Plumbing Solutions. Our Wollongong team utilises the latest technology to clear drains, sewers and stormwater outlets without having to dig up your whole backyard.

This equipment includes hydro jetting and rodding machines, as well as state-of-the-art CCTV plumbing cameras used to quickly locate the source of the blockage. Quite often, just clearing the pipes won't identify the cause, so a full inspection allows us to provide reliable advice and a more permanent solution.

If excavation of the pipe is required, we have heavy transport as well as a modern excavator to get the job done. Our team is fully licensed and insured to operate all necessary machinery and trucks. With many years' experience in earthmoving, you can trust us to clear the area around the damaged pipe quickly and accurately.

Backflow prevention devices are essential for protecting your drinking water supplies. They work to stop contaminated water from re-entering the water mains on your property. Our plumbers are fully qualified to install, repair and maintain your backflow prevention system.

Hot Water


Stop putting up with cold showers every night and get on the phone to Acqua Plumbing Solutions in Fairy Meadow. Our team specialises in the repair, maintenance and installation of gas hot water systems from all major brands.

With years of gasfitting experience, we can quickly diagnose and resolve a range of common hot water system faults, including replacing damaged or inefficient thermostatic mixing valves. If you're looking to replace or upgrade your existing system, we'd be happy to provide expert advice on the best brand and model for your particular application.



Ensure your gas appliances are safe, efficient and up to code with the help of Acqua Plumbing Solutions' licensed gasfitters. Our team can take on repairs, servicing and installations for all LPG and natural gas systems without voiding your manufacturer's warranty and insurance.

Our gasfitting services include:
  • Installation of new piping
  • Stove, oven & other gas appliance installation
  • Gas hot water systems
  • Leak testing & repair
  • Gas line repair
  • Parts replacement (regulators, changeover valves, pigtails & gas lines)
All work is completed to industry standard for residential and commercial properties. If you notice a gas leak in one of your appliances, please contact us immediately for emergency repairs.



Just because your bathroom isn't currently flooded because of a busted sink doesn't mean your home or business can't benefit from a qualified plumber or gasfitter. At Acqua Plumbing Solutions, we deliver comprehensive maintenance services for many vital areas of your property, such as:
  • Hot water units
  • Taps & fixtures
  • Showers & baths
  • Toilets
  • Stovetops
  • Drains, sewers & stormwater outlets
  • Gutters & downpipes
  • Laundry sinks
Keeping these areas regularly serviced will help improve efficiency, safety, performance and reliability. Most importantly, regular maintenance greatly reduces the risk of critical failures in the future by finding small faults before they get worse.

There's so much more our team can help with, so give us a call to discuss your requirements.



Whether you are renovating your kitchen, adding an ensuite or building a whole new property, Acqua Plumbing Solutions has the qualified professionals to help deliver your project on time and under budget.

Working alongside other trades, and keeping in constant consultation with our clients, our team provides full plumbing, drainage and gasfitting installation. We'll work with you to plan the most efficient layout for your pipes, taps, showers, gas heaters and every other appliance.

We have worked on a vast range of projects of all scopes throughout the Wollongong area, so we understand the extensive organisation, time management and precision workmanship required. Please phone our qualified experts today to get your project underway.

Emergency Call-Outs


Backed up drains or a burst pipe? Don't panic, just call Acqua Plumbing Solutions in Fairy Meadow and our emergency plumbers will be out to you in no time—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As qualified gasfitters, we can also assist with hot water and stove problems.